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Not feeling beach bod ready? Well, the way your body looks does NOT define you! Find out why?

This summer is going to be different!


It is that time of year again, Summer. I always get excited about Summer, it’s BBQ season, the outdoor pub gardens are buzzing, the days are longer, the sun is shining and omg I can wear shorts!

But, dread begins to kick in because suddenly my mind is going crazy. How am I going to cover up my tummy when I have to wear a bikini on my holiday to Portugal? What am I going to do about my thighs and my tummy? Ah I hate this!

Everyone is going to look so good by the pool, and I bet everyone has really nice Summer clothes and is really toned and will confidently strut around the pool feeling a million dollars.

It is crazy, because every Summer these same struggles come up and nothing has changed. I still feel awkward in a bikini, I still worry about being judged and I know I will try a crash diet before the holiday which always ends up with me being a right old bitch because I am hungry and just want to eat that bloody spoonful of peanut butter and piece of chocolate… I mean give a gal a break right?!

If you are nodding your head and thinking omg this is so me, keep reading!!

This Summer, I want you to try a new approach. I want you to take out the stress of wanting to be perfect. To give up the stupid fad diet (which never works anyway) and finally go and try and just rock your beautiful body!

I think to myself…what a relief! Already a weight feels like it has been lifted from my burdened shoulders and I feel this intrinsic new air of ‘not giving a shit’.

So are you ready to finally ooze some sexy ass confidence?

Here are my three top tips to boost your body confidence this Summer:

1. Positive Affirmations - repeat these 3 affirmations whilst looking in the mirror (everyday!)

  1. “I am so much more than my appearance”

  2. “I respect my body and deserve to love it”

  3. “My body allows me to live this life”

2. Wear Clothes that make you feel good about yourself

  1. This could a sexy bra and pants or bikini or swimsuit that you love

  2. A tighter top than you would usually wear

  3. A skirt that shows off your legs

3. Write down 5 things you love about yourself and keep those on you as a daily reminder of how unique and beautiful you are!


The one thing that really works for me is shifting the way I talk to myself. Imagine if you spoke to your best friend the way you spoke to yourself when you are negatively talking about your body. I am sure she would ditch you pretty quickly because she would be so offended by your words!

But luckily you aren’t saying that to her but you are saying that yourself ! Ouch!! So imagine how you are feeling!!! This is your very own body, yours!

So it is time to reframe your inner voice and start giving yourself a bit of love…

Repeat after me: “I respect my body and thank it for everything it does for me.”

This Summer is going to be different for you because I know you are ready to start owning who you are!!!

I get it, I know it can be hard to just suddenly change your tune when your body confidence struggles have been going on for years but it is never too late to make a change!!!

So start today by just giving yourself ONE compliment!!!!

If you are feeling stuck and can’t see a way out because you still look in the mirror and can’t overcome the self-judgment… then I am here to help you!!!

t is my sole job to help you beautiful gal to FINALLY feel Body Confident!

Please get in touch if you would like to book a free call to discuss how I can help you overcome your body confidence struggles!

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