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TALLULAH ROSE massage therapy


60 & 90 minute treatment includes...

Deep Tissue, Sports or Relaxing Massage

Personalised treatment plans

Specifically adapted to facilitate desired outcome

Care-plan including relevant stretches/exercises

Progress tracked

Treatments for every need

​Understanding the intricacy of human anatomy, how the body works and the power of mind/body connection will be a life long fascination.​


To reap the healing benefits of massage I advise regular treatments to begin with. This enables the muscles to be fully refreshed and as the healing process begins the muscles start to react and the long term results come into play. Once the healing process begins often clients will then come for a once a month treatment to keep up with general body maintenance. 


However, for those who just need a treat once in a while can enjoy a relax and un-wind with a Swedish Massage that will in-still a sense of calm and tranquility and leave you feeling refreshed.

my philosophy


"Mind and body are part of the same system

and they affect each other.

Align your body and the mind follows."

Tallulah Rose

"I've had many massages from Tallulah. Both for Sports Injury and Relaxation (Deep Tissue) - her unique Sports Massage skills have helped me sustain a high level of exercise whilst remaining injury free. Each Deep Tissue massage is consistent with your wants/needs as a client and her methods enable great full body relaxation. With the high demands I put on my body she has been perfect for me."

George V-B


"Honestly one of the best massages I've had, I had such bad back pain that it was affecting my everyday, but I just had an hour with Tallulah and woke up feeling so much better! Thank you again!!!"

Frankie H

what my clients say

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